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11:33 pm - March 04, 2016
I just don't feel comfortable saying "fuck" to an unknown audience on FB or Twitter. Here, I know the 2-4 of you that check in periodically, and I know you're adults.
But I really want to just tell the world to fuck off. (Except you, of course)
I do love my job. I have flexibility, and a regular hourly paycheck. I can wear pajamas and hats every day if I want to. I dont have to sell ANYTHING. I'd confide my deepest secrets in my coworkers, they're that awesome.
But although I'm definitely getting at least a $3 raise in about a week, I'm fucking myself up by wondering what kind of future I have with this company.They don't think I have it in me to be harsh for potential employee reviews (from the company owner).

TLDR takeaway: I have the job I always wished for with a community oriented company. But I still just want my parents to be proud of me, and as of last nights conversation with mom, they're still not. FUCK. Oh, shit, the thing I should've mentioned earlier. I'm 7+ months sober and doin' the daily antidepressant. Try not to spread it around. Some people still think I'm fun.


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